Jangan shy-shy cat

Hari Raya tak lama lagi....jom apa tunggu lagi, shopping lah untuk menyerikan lagi hari lebaran..pilih...pilih...kalau nak cari outfit for dinner or apa2 function pun boleh...For serious buyers,please...
Happy Shopping!!!

Postage rate

1. Price for postage fees are from RM8 for one piece. Depends.

2. 2-3 pcs, RM10.00-RM12.00

3. 4-6pcs, RM14.00-RM18.00

*Please be informed that the stuff will be posted every Friday :)
But do tell me if you are in a rush to have the item(s).Consider will post after the transactions made.


  1. hello will you be able to deliver to New Zealand?

    1. Sorry for late reply..I couldnt open this web for long time..Yes we do send to NZ :)


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